Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July shenanigans

               Pictures from our 4th of July adventures.... backyard fun, trampoline jumpin', Popsicle eatin', swimming pool splashin', firework watchin', fun, fun, fun.... 

My favorite thing in the world, is watching these two little sweethearts of mine playing together! 
Look out Kim Kardashian - Sailors got 'dem booty gains! hahahahaha this girl and the swimming pool... nothing stops her- not even a 10 pound water logged diaper!!

that hair though! hahaha

I know I have said it time and time again- but these two are my everything!! Keller is my sweetheart who "allows" me to take his pictures.."only sometimes". hahaha He has gotten pretty stingy- unless he is doing something that he deems cool and picture worthy! Other than that, I get scolded for taking boring pictures. He is just like his daddy! 

We did a few little fireworks at home... Keller LOVES  fireworks... okay and ME! Kurt just laughed at us because he had no idea he was married to such a little pyro maniac... but how can I not be when my little sidekick gets so excited and thinks his mom is so cool! haha BUT Sailor on the other hand, was not a fan- they weren't loud or big- but she hated them! She cried and screamed... so we were nervous for the actual firework show at thanksgiving point... but surprisingly those didn't bother her at all.... weird I know! 

We took alot of their "baby animals" for snuggling in case they got scared... it worked! Okay not that they were ever really scared, but they kept them happy and they work as excellent pillows for a mamma who didnt feel top notch... little did I know I had the beginnings of a really nasty case of pneumonia and other crud... wish me luck that it goes away soon!

Those little faces!! Let freedom ring!!! 

Our 4th includes picnics in the back of the truck- Keller and daddy rollerblading while we wait for grandma and grandpa!

Keller was so funny- he could not sit still... it was driving us all nuts! but he is a sweetheart and kept asking "mom- wanna go on a quick run with me? hahaha" oh how we just love him!! 

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