Wednesday, July 8, 2015

And the Birthday Prep continues....

Ladies and Gents, this little girl... this little angel right here... is turning...
I still don't want to believe it myself. This past year has gone by so so sooo quickly. needless to say from these pictures, this little lady loves... um..... LOVES  Minnie Mouse! We have been preparing for her first birthday for a few weeks now because I love trying to make everything... ya I am crazy! but you know what... sometimes being crazy is a good thing.... I started getting everything ready weeks ago and finished last week... except for the cake... that little lovely is still to come, BE EXCITED!! and then BAM! The 4th of July I started to get sick... the 5th I got really sick... and taa daa guess who now has pneumonia... me! BOO!! so with Sailor's FIRST BIRTHDAY and her fun little party coming up in just a week- I am all ready to go... now I get to focus on getting healthy... wish me luck! I feel like I am dying!!!
BUT on a completely different note, I am loving how Sailor's little outfit turned out! I was nervous to make it myself- but I did it- and I love it.... and even better, Sailor LOVES it! Basically she loves anything Minnie related lately and it is absolutely adorable! 
Here are a few pics from her SECOND photo shoot... hahaha yes I know a little excessive... but can you blame me?!? She is just too dang cute in her little outfit! and now she doesn't have any facial scabs and bruises... this is rare because she is absolutely 100% Tasmanian devil! This girl moves constantly and climbs on everything and anything to keep up with her brother- so when she is injury free- I jump on the opportunity to document her precious little face! 
Her first photo shoot pics are in the previous post.. I know you were worried.... and yes there will be actual birthday pictures too... in just less than 9 days! I cannot believe it. 

We recently just got a new trampoline with an enclosure... BEST. PURCHASE. EVER! We knew Keller would love it because he loved the old one... what we didnt realize is that Sailor would love it even more! It is one of her favorite places- she runs and giggles and even tries to jump! I love this little busy bee!!

She loves her MICKEY and MINNIE!!! I cannot wait for our Disneyland trip this Fall!!! 

Isn't my little assistant the cutest little man or what?!? He is a sweetheart who is near impossible to photograph but is the sweetest craziest big brother ever!

She's out! hahahaha

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