Saturday, October 24, 2015

A very special 3 year old...

And then he turned three…..
My best buddy is growing up. How did this happen so quickly? It feels like just yesterday I met him for the first time and looked into his perfect newborn eyes. It is crazy that some moments are burned into your minds forever- but it is these moments that I will be forever grateful for!
My little buddy who just 3 short years ago relied on me for everything now runs around like he owns the place. He tells me constantly “mom it’s otay I can jus do that myself” or “mom check this out- I am pretty awesome huh!” My little buddy is growing up and I love it and hate it all at the same time! He will forever be my baby boy and will forever be my sweetheart! I am quite certain that Heavenly father sends us these little sweethearts not so we can teach them- but so that they can teach us.
Keller buddy, you have taught me so much! You have taught me to play harder, love more, and be better! You are my everything! You are three and I can’t believe it!
You wanted to celebrate your birthday at the Zoo so that you could “practice” riding the train for Disneyland! You were so excited to run around to every animal and it was torture trying to get you to hold still for one second!
You wanted everyone to celebrate your birthday- but are still so confused by the concept! Every time someone tells you happy birthday, you say “oh thank you! Happy Birthday to you too!”
You love singing happy birthday to yourself at home… and have practiced countless times- but you get painfully shy when anyone sings it to you!
You my little angel are hilarious! This birthday is pretty low key right now since daddy is out of town for work and your real Birthday celebration will be in Disneyland in just 3 more weeks! (We talk about it daily… .and have talked about it daily for months! You are “ so freakin’ excited!” as you tell us constantly! And we are so excited for you!)
I know that this birthday has been low key but I hope you know how much we all love you! You are our little buddy! My perfect little sweetheart! The world’s best big brother! And the best little roller-blader/ ice skater around!
Bring it on my little 3 year old! I cant wait to see what this year has in store for you because year 2 has been absolutely PERFECT!!
for Keller's birthday he really really wanted to go to the zoo to "practice" for Disneyland! the weather was not the greatest which meant that it was the perfect day for the zoo! All of the animals were loud and crazy! We heard lions roar, seals bark, bears swim, zebras play, and so on! It was the perfect day for a zoo birthday!!

We spent the day with cousins, auntie nat, and grandma thomas! such a fun filled day! 

the monkeys were CRAZY!! eating, moving, and being... monkeys!!

this little boy and his animated personality! he was "so excited!!!" 

we spent a good 20 minutes watching this mama orangutan and her baby- it was hilarious and adorable!


Sailor is always wanting to be one of the big kids.... sometime though.. just sometimes she remembers that she is still my baby and she needs her mama! I love when she comes running back calling for her mommy! 

this little otter loved Kellers red coat.... Keller was more entertained by the otter in the back jumping on and off a rock.

this friendly fury fella was making this mama pretty nervous... he was pacing back and forth and was very intrigued with sailor... creepy!!

Keller's favorite part of the zoo... THE TRAIN!!!! of course... what else would you ever go to the zoo for?!?

ohh no big deal... we are jsut checking out our map with a grump lion growling behind us! 
Keller: "i think we are right here."
Addie: "No no no sweetheart, we are right here... see look its the lion."
Keller: "oh great job- you're  right! now why is that lion so hungry- somebody feed him that giraffe!.. well jus' a pretend giraffe"

Keller just had to pick out a birthday present... or three :) and of course he picked the T- REX who matches his shirt.. and 6 other shirts he owns! The boy is currently OBSESSED with all things dinosaurs!

My favorite thing ever... the 20+ times Keller insisted on singing happy birthday to himself! He got so nervous any time that anyone else sang to him... to the point of full on tears.. this boy loves attention.. but hates being in the spotlight.. he is alot like his daddy! But when we are home alone- the little cutie belts it out loud and clear... 
"Happy Birthday to MEEEE ... happy birthday to MEEEEE... happy birthday to Kelllleeeerrrr... happy birthday to HIM!!!" hahahahahahaa 
ohh little buddy! you are my favorite little 3 year old and are just about the cutest thing there ever was! I love you my little birthday boy even if you want to stay "just 2 for a few more days.." or even when you insist that you are 20 and know everything! I love you forever!!!

now this little lady.... she is one . messy. eater.
OH and can you tell.... she is a bit... umm.. SASSY!!! 
Keller insisted that she blow out candles to and he sang her happy birthday too... and all was good and well.. until her cupcake was gone! haha then came along my little messy sassy mcsasserson! 


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