Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our Little Girls Getaway

Last weekend Sailor and I were able to go on a little getaway with all of the girls on my mom's side.. minus one (WE MISSED YOU LEXI LOO!!!)
It was so fun seeing everyone and being able to spend time with my mamma and cute sisters. Sailor and I had a hard time missing our boys but we had so much fun and cant wait to do it again!!
And now... if a picture is worth a thousand words.... here is a heck of a lotta' words!! 

On our way... 

faces washed and a little bit a catching up... until 2AM... who needs sleep... right?!?!

lunch date to the Outback with this big girl and the girls! Sailor LOVED being a "big girl" It made my heart sink a little watching her act so grown up... don't grow up too fast baby girl!!

Sailor bought a purse... and hand sanitizer... the girl loves her hands clean! haha

the sloth... 

park fun!!

Pedicures anyone?!?! 

Sailor's first pedicure! She was so cute! she sat so still the entire time and LOVED every second!

OHHHH annd you know how you occasionally see people selling puppies in the Walmart parking lot... well, my aunt bought the last one of the day and Sailor LOVED him! 

Puppies and Pedicures!

facetimeing daddy is SOOOO exciting.. Sailor could barely contain herself... 

Sailor and Scarlet 

Group pictures!

Mariah, Mya, Regina, and the cutest little pup!

Anna and miss scarlett

Anna, Scarlett, and Stephanie
Regina, Ana, Patricia, and Mom

all four Valenzuela sisters

Me and my crazy family!
Nat, Challis, Mom, Me, Sailor, &Veronica.. we miss you lexie!!

Painting fingers.... ohh and finger nails!

Challis, Sailor, and I shared a bed... but late night talks equal Veronica and Nat joining in on the snuggles... and falling asleep!!

Petroglyphs and Dinosaur footprints on our way home.

ohh and Zebras and Camels of course! 

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