Sunday, February 21, 2016

so many pictures......... 
she loves to pick out her own outfits.... 

this boy!! 

Smith's knows the way to this girls heart... in one trip she was given a cookie, a TON of lunch meat... like holy smokes! and a lolli pop... apparently she knows who to smile at!

This little lady LOVES lipstick .. and making faces... and messes! 

Our valentines  didn't go exactly as planned... this little teething lady is struggling BUT she is a trooper! 

daddy teaching his little princess to box..... she thinks it is HILARIOUS!!

first ski day of the year!! 

painting nails and sass!!!

hangin out with Cousins!! 

its totally normal to fall asleep sitting up... right???

THE ENDURANCE SPORTS SHOW!!! Year two is in the books!! It was a crazy few days but we all survived! Next year... here we come!! 

"makin banana pancakes!!!"

PAINTING!! We love our craft days!! 

I am not even lying... they BEGGED to wash the wall... they even cried when we told them no more! hahahaha child slavery?? or MIRACLE!!! i will take it as a miracle!! 

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