Sunday, April 3, 2016

A day filled with fun....more adventures at Thanksgiving Point

There is nothing I love more than spending time with my family- especially these two little monkeys! We have been to Thanksgiving Point more times than I can count and I am more and more amazed each time by these kiddos and their little minds!
They are constantly learning and understanding more and more! I love them more than words could ever begin to describe and I love them growing and learning each day!!! 
Let the adventures begin my little ones!!! 

Sailor LOVED riding all the "horsies!!!" she had to ride a different one every. single . time! (5 different horsies to be exact!) I love that she loved it so much!!!

Petting the fake sheep... they both kept telling him... "its okay! its okay!" apparently he looked sad! 

Wagon ride!

More and more pony rides!! I had to laugh.. Keller kept picking the smallest little ponies to ride.. The poor pony! haha 

Popcorn. Ponies. Perfection!!!

And of course we had to visit the dinosaur museum! I was amazed at how much Keller remembered and understood! He had to look at EVERY. SINGLE. DISPLAY! and he loved every minute! He was teaching Sailor about dinosaurs, fossils, and "old animals"

To finish our exciting day we couldn't resist the free kiddie cones! Thanks for another amazing afternoon Thanksgiving Point.. .we will be back next week!!

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