Sunday, May 12, 2013

6 months and then some!!

Disclamer... okay I have to apoligize... I wrote this post 3 weeks ago and forgot to post! so sorry!!! :(

6months old.
Is it possible that time can move this quickly?
I sit here watching, listening, and loving my sweet baby boy – whom to be totally honest- is growing faster than I ever could’ve imagined!!
I love everything about him- this stage, his changing eyes, his snuggles, and of course we cannot forget the sweetest little squeal/ giggle you have ever heard!
It seems like just yesterday we were driving unknown speeds (okay not really- kurt was as safe as could be and obeyed all traffic laws.. but for the sake of the story and what I would have loved.. we sped down the interstate to the hospital!) haha but really we did make good time J
I remember walking into the hospital scared out of m mind that they were going to send me home since I was a first time “overly paranoid mom” but that was not the case at all.. they took us back and 3 short hours later our sweet baby boy was in our arms all snuggled and loving all of the kisses and hugs!
And now I feel as though someone fit the fast forward button and boom here we are with our little (big) angel!! Keller’s 6 month appointment was yesterday and he was such a little sweetheart – even through the shots! Ouch!! He is  whopping 19 pounds 9 ounces, 28.5 inches tall, and a big ol head of 45.6 cm J We have one big baby boy!
Driving home from his appointment music filled my ears.. not your ordinary radio music- that just wont cut it for me anymore ;) But rather the sweetest sounds ever of Keller signing and humming while playing with his little mickey (which he LOVES!!!) He absolutely loves to sing and talk.. non stop.. yikes! (Where on earth does he get that from! Haha just kidding! J ) But I cannot get enough of it! He is my little angel, my best buddy, and my precious baby boy! I cant believe how much life has changed over the past six months and how “tricky” it is to get all of my projects and even exercising done- BUT.. I wouldn’t change a single thing.
Being a mom has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for and I am soo blessed and lucky as can be to get the sweetest baby and hubby ever! We are still in the process of getting our crazy lives under control and trying our best to be “civilized” but for now I will take it all how it is- just to soak in the perfectness of it all!! Thank you little Keller Bug for joining this crazy little family of ours, we love you more than you will ever imagine!!!

To show you how amazing my sweet angel is… let me overload you with some pictures!!!!...

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