Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One day.....

It seems like every minute we are rushing to do one thing or another. Always busy. Never stopping. Well, I want to just pause for one minute and soak it all in! This morning as I woke up and laid Keller next to Kurt I was shocked to see how much my sweet baby boy has grown. Yayaya I know he didn’t just spring and grow overnight but in a way it almost seems like he has! As he lay snuggled against his daddy I couldn’t believe how quickly and how much he seems to grow and change every single day! Maybe I was just emotional because I had over a week straight with no work and loads of snuggles and now that vacations over and I’m back to reality I couldn’t just snuggle and play with him all day. But today as I stood there I couldn’t help but to smile and even tear up- One day he will grow. One day he will be too big to snuggle with daddy and mommy. One day he will want to go out with friends.. One day my baby will turn into a toddler and then a boy. One day .. one day… as these thoughts flooded my mind I had to stop myself! For two reasons… the first was because I was already running super late and yet there I was staring at my sweet hubby and baby sleep… okay so saying that out loud makes me sound like a creeper… but I promise I am anything but that! I was just marveling at how perfect everything is right now and how I don’t want it to change but at the same time loving all of these new changes and adventures! But the second reason.. aside from standing and starring for 10 minutes was because I want to stop thinking about “one day”… don’t get me wrong.. I love thinking and dreaming and planning about the future. BUT I feel that sometimes I may get a little too carried away and I start to miss the things happening in front of my very eyes right now. I know that there are so many one days out there but I want the most important one to be me sitting “one day” in the far future looking back on all these little things. All the smiles and laughs. The early morning snuggles as we pull Keller into our bed! The exhausting but oh so entertaining yard work outside that at times seems to never end. The tickle wars to hear Keller’s cute little giggle. The funny way he seems to craw while bracing his little body up with his head! (yes.. I know it sounds weird.. and that is because when he does this it is weird and scares me to death! I worry about his tiny little neck!... I will most definitely need to post a picture!) The way Keller seems to process every little detail in his mind all the meanwhile smiling , laughing, and giving hilarious looks! The way listening to daddy's guitar or mommy's singing brings instant smiles and calming! The way splashing in the tub is the “best” thing in the world! The way boating brings our family together. the adventures. the love. the fun....  I never want to forget these little moments. These moments right here. Right now. One day I will be able to look back and smile at all that has happened and all that we have done but for today I just want to soak it all in and love every minute!

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