Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happiness, love, gratitude, peace, and perfection are the words that instantly held a new meaning the moment I became a mommy. My world changed dramatically almost 7 months ago and I could not be more grateful or blessed for that matter! The moment I held Keller in my arms everything that I had been preparing my whole life for became real. I became a mommy! I can still see his perfect little face in my mind as I looked at him through tear filled eyes for the very first time. I miss those little kicks as he grew and developed in my belly but I would not for a second give up the laughs, kicks, and giggles I am now spoiled with all day every day! He is growing so fast and learning things sooo quickly! I am amazed every second at the way his little mind never seems to rest! I love my perfect little angel and I could not ask for a better calling than that of a mother!
Also on this mother’s day I have a greater appreciation of my own mom and all that she has done and sacrificed for me! I love you mom! You are the greatest mom I could have ever asked for and I love you so very much! I have learned so much and continue to learn every day from all that you have taught me! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and thank my heavenly father for all that you have sacrificed not only for me but for all of your children! I know you have sacrificed so much more than I could ever comprehend and I love you so much for that! Thank you mom! Thank you for your hugs and your kisses, your smiles and your laughs, your constant thoughts and prayers in my behalf, your patience and your trials. Mom, thank you for everything! I love you , I love you, I love you I do!!! I am so blessed to have you forever and for always! You are the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for! I am also blessed with an incredible mother in law whom I love and adore completely! I am so grateful for her and the incredible son that she raised that is a perfect father to our adorable son and an amazing husband to me! The patience and love that she has is unreal and she is such a great example to me!!  These two women have made the most infinite impact on my life and have taught me so much! I have been blessed more than I could ever imagine!! I love you both and wish you the happiest of all mothers’ days!!
Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful women in my life!! There are far too many to count- I love and appreciate you all! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thanks little Keller Bug for making me a mommy!!!!

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