Monday, July 7, 2014

A Grateful Adventure

Okay so I have been absolutely terrible at posting my blog entries... whoops! But here is this lovely little blurp I wrote back in June... enjoy.
Recently Jessica, the incredible creator and maker of 'dreamcatcherbaby dresses...found here..  (yes swoon all you want, they are darling right!), she posted a cute and simple little picture on Instagram with the hashtag #gratefuladventure... i could think of no better way to describe the incredible journey of motherhood! every day an adventure!! yes there are those days where you are at wits end and your littles seem to want nothing more than to see how close they can drive you to insanity... BUT... it is in these moments where although it may be hardest, we need to remember to be grateful! grateful not only for the perfect times- but all those times in between that far too often go unnoticed!  so... today I am setting a goal! not a goal of perfection... not a goal to attempt to make every day and every activity pintrest worthy.. I am setting a goal to be real! a goal to let my kiddos be real... and in those real moments we will find absolute happiness and joy! I think it is in those moments that we find perfection!! whether it is watching little Keller run through the sprinkles or even watching him try and mimic every single word and action if his daddy as they watch hockey together- it is these little moments that I want to remember forever!! I want to remember the messy faces, the little tickle wars, and even at times a messy house if that means for even a second we where living together a moment of pure happiness! a moment of perfection! this is my grateful adventure! 

and now for a little picture overload....

*Riding his very first bicycle with daddy! hahaha

 *MOTHER'S DAY MORNING... Snuggling in mommy's bed .. in mommy's sweater.. watching cartoons.. all while eating breakfast in bed (not pictured... but oh so perfect!!)
 *My little investor! haha this kid can find money anywhere.. even if that means pulling it out of mommy's purse and daddy's wallet!
 *indoor cafe rio picnic... apparently he wanted mommy's food because when I came out of the bathroom this is what I found... sneaky little bugger!

*the best part of being a mommy.... these snuggles when they fall asleep against you! and dont you just love him snuggling his baby! haha


 ***we had a blast building.. and rebuilding.. and rebuilding.. and throwing blocks!


**running through the sprinklers!

*watching the cookie dough!

 *after dentist snack... cookie??? haha

 *mommy's little shopping helper!!

 *because waking up at 6AM on mommy and daddy's day off is meant for snuggling in bed watching Thomas the choo choo!

 *my best buddy!!!

 **because when you are little eating lunch in your pjs it utterly exhausting! haha
 ***time please slow down!!!

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