Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Dates Nights

so sometimes our date nights go like this...
what we plan:
Get everything done at home  as much as possible- yard, laundry, cleaning, etc
Shower and get ready for for a fun filled adventure including... picking up food to take to the park for a fun little picnic with the kiddos followed by a nice long walk to help wear Keller out for bed! After our fun little adventure we would then head home for some relaxing and sleeping!! (yes we know it is kinda pathetic when you are excited to sleep... but come on! these littles can be very ruthless!! haha)
All in all, our awesome family date night would result in some amazing memories and of course some picture perfect photos...
OKAY... what really happened...
-getting all of our 'quick' little projects done took about 3 million times longer than expected... but hey they got done!! Showering and getting ready also takes wayyyy more time with our two little 'helpers'... SOOO... by the time we all were dressed- minus make up or fancy clothes- because let's face it- we were on a time crunch due to the light fading factor!! So we loaded up the truck with a blanket and strollers and we were off! So we went and found a fun new place to try out... it was a little Mexican type restaurant... burrito something??? Well as we pull up Sailor starts to cry- she wanted to eat! So Kurt runs in to get food while I jump in the back seat with the kiddos to feed Sailor.
Keller starts to yell "oooo hiiii!! hi dog! hi dog!" there was a tiny little dog in the car next to us. I fed Sailor and Keller told us a very awesome story... I am certain it was awesome because he was very very excited about it!
Kurt came out with the food and we drove to a parking lot at Thanksgiving Point and we parked and we.. ate dinner... in the truck.. yes it was dark! haha so much for the park plan.
we contemplated going on a walk anyways BUT then laughed.. that would be a sight to see!
We started to go home and then Kurt had a brilliant idea! we would go on a walk and see tons of animals! So we headed to Cabellas! We pulled up, grabbed the stroller out of the truck, loaded up Sailor and got Keller super excited to see a lion!! We headed inside just to find out that they would be closing in 30 minutes! we got this! Keller was fascinated by the fish- well and then a girl! A little girl (Keller's size) was looking at the fish with her mom, as they turned to leave the little girl held out her hand to her mom BUT Keller totally thought it was for him.. so he held her had and the two of them started to walk away! me and the other mom started laughing! Too cute and too funny!! We looked at all of the animals and cool stuff , we pushed elevator buttons, and then Keller saw it... the airplane! He was absolutely thrilled, it was hilarious and absolutely adorable watching Keller run underneath the suspended airplane yelling "COPTER" ( because airplanes and helicopters are the same in his book! and they are AWESOME!) he sat and stared at it above him giggling, squealing, and literally bouncing for joy! Right there and then, my  dream for our date night was met!
I could go on and on, I could tell you about the things that didn't go as planned, the little tantrums that Keller threw when Kurt told him he couldn't touch everything, or even the nausea Kurt had from his quesadilla from the burrito place... BUT no!
Our night, even though it didn't necessarily go as planned, was perfect! Keller told me an awesome jibberish story and we got to laugh! We all ate together in a dark parking lot laughing at how goofy we looked! Miss Sailor was as happy as could be the whole night! Keller found a short lived romance! hahaha!  Keller saw a plane!!! We were all together! we laughed! we talked! pictures were taken, memories were made!! it was my perfect date night with my little family of four and I couldn't be happier!!
enjoying a much needed Popsicle while daddy does yard work! 

a little nap time after a long morning of working!!

my sweet angels!

feeding Sailor while Kurt grabs us our exciting dinner!!

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