Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just a walk in the park... 8 weeks

So basically, we like to go on walks.... lots and lots of walks! I have loved being home and making memories with my little ones so walks have been a great way to do just that! Especially since Keller is the best little story teller as we venture out! He will jibber jab non stop pointing out everything that he can say and making up words for all the words he cant say! I love it and I love him! Lately the majority of our walks are to parks! Keller LOVES going to the park and I only wish I would take more pictures of him running, squealing, and playing! So this time I decided to snap away and record his life through his eyes! My favorite part...  his little lion! Today I could not stop laughing when I realized that the relationship between him and his lion totally reminded me of Calvin and Hobbs! Keller will talk to his lion and then bust up laughing out of nowhere, as if his lion is talking back! It is absolutely adorable and today i am glad that I was able to catch just a little bit of his cute little imagination!

sometimes the park can totally wear you out!!

Does this just scream Calvin and Hobbs or what!! 

Kell wanted to weed the playgroud! hahahaha

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