Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six weeks!

six weeks... six weeks... I don't even know where to begin! Six weeks is the big post pregnancy mark that's generally all hyped up where you can return to your regular life- exercising and just living in general. well, this big 6 week mark has hit me like an emotional ton of bricks! 
 How have 6 weeks already come and gone? how is my baby growing up this quickly? don't get me wrong, I have loved every crazy, happy, sleep deprived minute and I am so very excited to be able to finally workout... and by workout I mean wake board and boating! hahahaha and running of course.. I just need to find the motivation for that... help! haha just kidding.. but really!! 
but in all seriousness... 6 weeks?!? what the?!? I was so excited this pregnancy to take a 12 week maternity leave thinking that it would feel so long and be so relaxing and now, WHAT??? it's already half over?? seriously??? somebody please slow time down! Can't life stay like this forever? playing with my kiddos every day, going on fun adventures, making endless memories, and still being paid not having to worry about a thing?? nope! But a girl can dream right?!? This six weeks has been such an incredible experience for me to be able to snuggle my sweethearts all day everyday! To become Kellers best buddy by playing lions and cars and monsters... generally in that order! By memorizing every line in every Thomas movie because that is what our nap time regiment has come to! By running to the potty every 30 minutes and putting stickers on Keller's potty chart when there is success! (yes it is a big deal!) Keller is my best buddy! Who drives me absolutely batty at times but mostly just makes me love him more every little second! ANNNDDD... lets not forget my other little partner in crime! Miss Sailor! This little girlfriend of mine is a hoot! She puts up with Keller and I like nobody could- she is a true champ! We are all crazy about her and wish that she would stay this little forever! She is my little snuggle bug and truth be told- Keller still is too! Lucky me! I love snuggling my babies! The three of us together are generally a sight for sore eyes but at least we know how to have a good time! and even though the thought of going back to work is heartbreaking I know I have six more weeks with these sweet little angels! Here is hoping that these next 6 weeks take their time!!! All i can say is... its a dang good thing these kiddos are so cute and they make me want to work so hard so that we can do fun things!
the beginning of Keller's potty adventures! hahaha

Little Keller bug LOVES his lions.. and has recently decided that he NEEDS to sleep with ALL of them! I love this little goof ball and I love that little moments like this keep him my little baby for at least a little longer!

I cant believe that my sweet baby girl is already 6 weeks old! I love her so very much!!!

those eyes!!! I love this baby boy of mine... even if he is growing up without my permission!!!

my little sewing helpers... Keller insisted on watching "froze"... 'FROZEN' .. and then promptly fell asleep once they finished singing his current favorite froze song..."gooooo!! let it go!"

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