Thursday, September 11, 2014

Labor Day Shenanigans!

So Labor Day we went boating bright and early at 7AM at Deer Creek  with my little sisters and brother... and as you can tell the weather was amazing....

NOT!!! It was absolutely frigid! (44 degrees) until about 11 when it finally warmed up.. when we left.. and that is when we took the above picture! haha but we can pretend that the weather was perfect! because no matter what- we had TONS of fun! 

Kurt in his element!

After boating we headed over to Kurt's grandparents in Heber! 

We all went to a very eventful lunch... Sailor had a blowout.. and then Keller had a bit of a HUGE puddle accident in the parking lot! Lets just say, it is a lunch that left us all laughing! We love visiting grandma and grandpa- and Keller loved playing with the marble track!!

Once we got home the kiddos were ready for a nice cozy nap! I would say that our Labor Day was quite the success!

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