Saturday, October 5, 2013

9.5 behind!!!

9.5 months- ya ya ya I know I am posting this over a month too late! I have been overly busy!! it was one year ago today that i was anxiously counting down the days to meet you! to hold you in my arms. to kiss your perfect face. and to even name you!! now as i hold you. kiss you. and call your sweet name i cant help but to laugh and to smile.  you are my world!!! well my sweet little angel today has been a busy week for you!! my heart is so full of mixed emotions right now! as your first birthday approaches (less than 2 months away now!!) I feel as though you are trying to grow up to a toddler  far too quickly! in one short week, you have grown up so much!! you have gone from 4 teeth to SEVEN (almost 8!) you love to gibber jabber and mimic EVERYTHING!!! like counting to ten, telling us NO, saying all done, peekaboo, love you, etc... I LOVE every little Squeak & Squeal!!! you are my world!!! and to make things even more eventful today my little mister you started WALKING!!! and no I don't mean holding on to things walking or using your little walker walking.... I mean full on official walking!!! ahhhhh!!!! You sure know how to keep us on our toes!!! I love you little buddy!

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