Sunday, October 27, 2013

One year!!!

we made it little buddy!!! you officially survived your first year!! as I lay here in bed after a busy week of festivities I am full of mixed emotions.
can it really be?!? is my baby really one?!? my oh my this year has snuck by ever so quickly!!! I don't even know where to begin!! exactly one year ago today daddy and I were sitting at home holding our brand new bundle of joy in our arms completely confounded at how quickly the week seemed to fly by! in that short little week, you had already changed so much and now look at you! you are my little... ummm scratch that… my BIG baby!! you are running around with a toy in each hand ( usually a car and a ball) reaching for any snacks or goodies you can find! and lately that means M&Ms... yes you seem to be obsessed with those little pieces of chocolate goodness! but no worries we are not completely terrible parents, letting you eat just junk 😊 luckily for us you have your mammas love for fruits and veggies! apparently you are a huge broccoli fan! oh and let's not forget your love of asparagus! dad was shocked!!! what can I say- you make your mamma proud! 😉  it is so funny to watch the things you seem to pick up on so quickly and watch your little mind work! I can watch you for hours!! and I do! I love the little quirky looks you give me! and the way you still love to snuggle!! you are my baby boy for now and forever!!! I might as well apologize now for all the future embarrassment I will provide you with, I simply can't help myself! you are my little love bug! I love every little thing about you and I wouldn't have life any other way than having you at my side! you and daddy are my world and I love you to the moon!!! I wish I could freeze this moment - and this feeling so that I could sneak back to it every once in a while because I know far to soon you will be grown. but for now I will cherish every little second and kiss and hug you more times than you could count!! I love you Keller bug!!! don't grow up too fast!
Well my little prince charming, for your very first birthday daddy couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than to take you boating! hahaha so... boating away we did go! We had a weekend of ups and downs (we will talk about those at another time!) but we successfully made it to St. George and after a few visits to instacare- the weekend was a success! yay!! We will most definitely post all the little details later but for now I will simply say- happy birthday little angel! I love you more than you will ever know!!!
xoxo mommy

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