Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kurt's Florida Adventure

Keller loves his daddy!!! After returning home from our quick road trip to visit family in Las Vegas Keller couldn’t have been more excited to see his daddy!!! He missed him like CRAZY!!! Every night we face-timed Kurt and Keller would fall asleep listening to his daddies voice on the phone! Well as you can imagine the real thing is always better than face time!! As we opened the door when we got home Keller squealed daddy and his attitude went from heartbroken (cried for his daddy the last 3 hours of our drive L) and he went to being straight downright excited!! My baby was finally back to himself!! I couldn’t help but to smile in relief and happiness seeing Kurts face! We were home and it felt soooo good!! Well arriving home late Tuesday night we quickly unpacked and got ready for work the next morning- as you can imagine, Keller was not thrilled that mommy and daddy were leaving! Luckily for him Auntie V ditched school and hung out with him all day!!! Well Wednesday night, back from work we then did what I and Keller had been dreading.. we helped dad pack for his work trip L Over a week and no fun daddy time! Keller was devastated! Haha well as devastated as a little almost 11 month old mister gets! Well early (4AM early!) Thursday morning We headed to the airport for Kurts EXCITING Florida work adventure!
Well fast forward and boom Keller and I officially were having daddy withdrawls! But on the plus side here is a little of what happened….
Our happenings:
-The house finally got deep cleaned!! Whoop! Whoop!
-Work! Work! Work!
-Birthday party planning
-And drum roll please…. Mantels were stained…
-and messes were made! L Tears may or may not have been shed!

Kurts Happenings:
-Missing his little buddy and wifey

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