Sunday, October 6, 2013

The countdown is on...

Can you believe that it is already October?!?!? And by October I mean my baby will be one in no time at all! Where did this year go? Since when has time moved this quickly?

This was one year ago on Oct 7th (after general conference last year!) ps "V" sorry dont kill me! haha I promise she doesnt always dress so stylish! wink! wink! she was wearing like 4 different holiday outfits in one.. why?!? more like... WHY NOT?!??!

notice anything different?!?! Aside from missing the christmas and thanksgiving atttire.....  haha this is us now....


The countdown is on. We are now exactly 15 days away from my baby turning one!!! ONE! O-N-E! This makes me panic just a little. It makes me so happy and so excited and yet so sad in a silly little way! I find myself saying this every day and even more so every month as he seems to grow so quickly, but honestly, where does the time go? Sometimes I wish it would go faster, as in bedtime or working when the end of the day just can't come soon enough, but most days I just want it to stop, to freeze time and freeze the moment. I never want to forget this, any of it.  

Is it possible to love it all? The giggles, the snuggling, the hugs and kisses, and even the little tantrums and messes? I know I don’t always love it in the moment- But it all goes by so quickly, too quickly. I still laugh when I think of the first tantrum Keller threw! You couldn’t help but to laugh with his reaching for the phone and then sitting –totally folding in half –and then up again-and down again until the point of giggling! Even he wasn’t sure what he was doing! It was the funniest thing- I am sure I will be singing a totally different tune in a few years if he were to do it again- but right now, I this moment, I love it.
I love the way he squeals and giggles as he runs across the room! Because heaven knows walking is totally overrated at times! Or how he scrunches his arms up like that of an 80 year old man while concentrating on his next step. It has all gone by so quickly. From stumbling to walking and now running to and from room to room- running to dad with his hands in the air! Playing basketball and giggling nonstop!! I love my little mischief maker and want nothing more than for him to give me that perfect smile forever!

Did I mention he is a mischief maker! This boy has energy!! Like I get tired just watching him sometimes. I have a feeling I am in big trouble when he gets older! I laugh at his curiosity and mimicking every word or action! What is he thinking? What is he learning? It all just fascinates me. He will stand up getting the biggest smile on his face like he is so proud of himself and then you see this little look sneak across his “innocent” planning face and he will bolt!! Giggling thinking he is absolutely hilarious! And really we can’t blame him, because it is just about the funniest and cutest thing I have ever seen.

Every morning he will wake up excited to come into mom and dad’s bed for just a little bit! He generally wakes up about an hour earlier than he should and yells for us- yes we are exhausted- yes we want to be sleeping- BUT that hour or even few minutes of bringing him into our bed to snuggle- that is the best part of the night. He is a snuggle bug and even though he is quite the acrobatic- wiggles in and almost instantly falls right back to sleep with one hand on mom and one hand on dad. What could be more perfect? It is these short lived moments that make my heart melt- these moments that make me so grateful and so proud to be your mommy! It is these moments that break my heart knowing that one day they will end- one day you will be too big and too cool for snuggling but for now it is perfect! You are my baby and I am your mommy!! We then get up for breakfast, paly with cars and sing songs!!
It is in these moments that  nothing else matters. The feeling is unmatched to anything in the entire world. I wish there was a word to describe it. The only thing I can think of is true love, an unconditional love so strong that I would give up anything to have it. It is in these moments that I love and cherish every second- it is in these moments that I become a mommy! It is in these moments full of love and laughter that I welcome this approaching birthday and say bring it on!!

As I say every month, I love him, we love him. Time moves by so quickly but is full of so many fun memories. Life is so fragile and quick! If you're not careful it will pass you by in the blink of an eye. I am thankful for every moment that we share together and every moment that I watch him grow and learn. Every smile, every laugh, and every little breath! I am thankful! I am thankful for this moment and all the moments to come! 15 days will pass far too quickly and your little birthday will be here before I know it! I cant wait- I cant wait to celebrate the day we met our sweet little angel! Mr Keller Bug- I love you!! Thank you for the incredible spirit you have brought into our lives and our home but most of all into our hearts! We love you and your perfect little spitfire personality! I love you to the moon!! We have made the most amazing memories and together as a family we will make many many more!!!!

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