Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a mommy's thoughts

sitting. snuggling. cuddling. all snuggled up together with you sleeping on my chest. can these moments please last forever? looking at "old" pictures, feeling like they were snapped just yesterday but realizing that they are now perfect memories. perfect little milestones in your perfect little life - it absolutely confounds me. how is it my sweet baby is growing so quickly? how are these moments going by this fast? is it possible that this is my reality? I am afraid the moments when you want to sleep on my chest snuggled up close to my face are growing fewer every day. watching you grow and develop has been the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined. Heavenly Father has blessed me more than I could ever express gratitude! this next year is going to have a lot of changes little buddy and I couldn't be more excited but at the same time I must admit that I am a bit nervous! I hope you will always know with a surety the love that your mommy and daddy have for you! but more importantly I pray that you will always know of the love that your Heavenly Father has for you! you are so blessed to have a father in heaven who loves you so much and wants nothing but the best for you! I know that through life you will go through many trials but I also know with the love of your parents and your Heavenly Father, you will be able to over come each trial given to you. I know that without a doubt you will grow to do amazing things and you will grow into an amazing young man! I love you little buddy! I know that right now you probably think I am just your crazy mommy who dances and sings maybe a bit too much- but it is because I love you!!! you and your daddy are the greatest joys and blessings in my life and I know that I don't even know the half of it! one day you will be a big brother- and even though you are still so little I know that you will have more love than imaginable for your little siblings and that makes mommy so proud! thank you for being my perfect little angel! thank you for your little hugs and kisses! I will cherish these little snuggle naps as long as I possibly can!! sweet dreams my little prince charming dream big for great things await you!!! xoxox mommy

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