Monday, December 9, 2013

Forever Thankful

"A grateful heart … comes through expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His blessings and to those around us for all that they bring into our lives."-President Thomas S. Monson
I have so much to be thankful for- I don't even know where to begin. There are so many things that I could sit here and talk about today but in reality it is all so simple.
I am thankful.
I am thankful for family.
I have been truly blessed to have an incredible husband! You know when you are little and you dream of what life will be like when you grow up- and your future husband and kids? Well I will be 100% honest and tell you that my reality is drastically different than my childhood dreams- It is so much more and so much better than I could have ever dreamed of! I am blessed with a husband who loves me, who loves our sweet baby boy, and who loves his heavenly father. I know that it is because of his love for our father in heaven and for us that we have been so blessed! I am blessed with a husband who sacrifices all of his free time to work and go to school so that we can have all that we do. I am blessed with a husband who is smart, funny, amazingly talented, and lets be honest- SUPER HANDSOME!!!
I am thankful for my incredible Keller Bug and all the happiness he brings into our lives on a daily basis! The joy that fills my heart is each day as I watch him and listen to him is absolutely unreal. The gift of motherhood is one of the greatest blessings I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to learn and grow each and everyday with Keller and that as a family we can make daily strides to better ourselves and to be examples to all of those around us. I am so blessed to have a family who I love spending time with! I cherish every second with them as we laugh, talk, and play together! Life is such an incredible blessing with these two boys and I know that we have so much learning to do but I know that together- we will have so much fun doing it!
I am so very thankful for this gospel and the blessings it has brought into my life. I am thankful for all of our incredible family and friends.
I could honestly go on and on forever- but I wont as I am afraid there are too many things I would leave out! I want to simply express all of the gratitude in my heart for all that I have I know that I have been so blessed and I know that it is all because of the wonderful individuals I have surrounded myself with in my life! Thank you each so much for all that you do for my family and I! If I could hug each of you I would! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

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