Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans!

Sooo.... remember  Keller's first birthday- the big one year post?!? and remember how I had some cute pics to share??? Well.... better late than never right :)
Okay so... first and foremost you should know... this kid did not want his picture taken... and by that I mean- we literally had to go back a second time (with reinforcements... aka.. grandma and addie to help distract!) so after attempting the first "fun" photo shoot and giving up- we went back the next day to try again and after the first little breakdown we turned on Katy Perry's Roar and we got this boy to finally dance and smile!!
see what I mean by major breakdown??? hahaha not sure why he had a sudden fear of the studio rooms but he was all fun and games until we went to the back... luckily grandma showed up and we finally got some smiles!

so my little cake lover had absolutely no desire to eat his cake whatsoever.. I know!! Absolutely crazy!! so.... I helped him! haha He was a little confused as to why I smashed his hand into his cake! But once the initial shock was over he was more than happy to pick off all of the m&ms one by one and eat them!

So you know this song? ya well this kid loves it and knows every single little part by heart- so if you ever want to see him dance or sing- all you need is to turn it on and you instantly get this!

okay so the last portion of our fun little photo shoot had these adorable little pumpkins.. well hopefully camera shy lets us come back because keller thought they were the perfect balls to throw! I think we had to put them back in place at least 20 times! Can I be totally honest though and tell you that I LOVE IT!! I love that this little guy is such a little busy bee who is total boy! haha

what is cuter than a little baby bum?!?
 Okay... so that is it for the official one year photo shoot!! now on to the birthday party!!! (oh and to make our day that much more exciting.... we had the photo shoot just hours before the birthday party! ahhhhh!!) In fact let me give you a little break down of our day....
First Keller and I took Kurt's truck in to the shop to check the alignment and realized that Kurt didn't have a house key with his truck keys... yup we totally locked ourselves out! ahhh!! so... we decided to go find some pumpkins while we waited for grandma to come save us!
After grandma came to let us in- we quickly cleaned up- and headed to get Keller's pictures done! and on our way home stopped for some balloons! Because lets be honest- you absolutely must have balloons at a party right! ;)
Then on to cleaning the house and decorating!!!

 Okay seriously how cute is this kiddo!! He absolutely LOVED his pumpkins!!! He kept patting them and blowing them kisses! haha oh and oh course waving to "Yankee" the little dog that visits us on a daily basis!

Okay and now for the décor pictures- total confession- these pictures are terrible quality! I need to get a camera and quit taking pics with my phone! But its better than nothing right?!?!?
well to start things off... here was the invitation..

I am super sad that I didn't think to take a picture of Keller's adorable birthday banner! Just trust me when I say it was super cute!! You can kind of see it on the left hand side.. .see cute!

Lil' Monster Snack Bar!


this little kiddo was spoiled by so many family and friends! Thank you all.. ps yes I am totally aware this picture contains no actual people. I was terrible at taking pictures! Luckily we do have video! :)



Okay  I think I have officially caught up on all the birthday shenanigans!! :) That's a wrap!!!

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