Monday, December 9, 2013


Okay for real I am super behind... So I wont say much except.... SHE'S BAAACCCKKK!!!!
Woot! WOOT! 
That's right! Sister Alexis Wuthrich is officially back in the good ol' USA! (Technically she was back as of Nov 13th- but who's being technical :))
Sister Alexis Wuthrich home from the LONDON, ENGLAD mission!!! We couldn't be more excited to have her home!!!
little Ks first time meeting auntie Lex!!!
2 of my beautiful sisters!!!

sooo excited to have Lexie home!!!

sometimes they like to pose like old prom pictures????

Lex and Debra.. who is adopted family.. whether she likes it or not!!! haha we love you Debra!!
They are totally sisters at heart!

I love my little sis!! ps.. yes I am short... yes I am standing on my tippie toes... and yes she is still like a million inches taller than me! I totally missed the height gene.

keller decorating his poster before lexies big arrival!
They are already the best of buds!!! he thinks her pretend glasses are very entertaining..... yes my child is a ham!!!

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