Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sailor Mae -a birth story

where to even begin... due to my previous pregnancy and quick labor with Keller we knew things would most likely move pretty quickly with baby girls arrival so at 37 weeks the doc said it would be best to stay close to home in case labor hit... so at 37 weeks I began working from home, waiting and wondering when little miss would decide it was her time to arrive. and since I had been having TONS of contractions we all thought it would be soon... well long story short.. we were wrong! SO at my 38 week appt (which was on a Tuesday) the doc asked if I was against being induced... well I wasn't against it but I was really hoping to go into labor on my own... but knowing that my doc was going out of town an knowing that my labor had a good chance at being fairly quick- we decided to set my induction date for that Thursday (since Thursday marked my 39 weeks) ... Tuesday night we thought we would go out on last time as a family of three and maybe even coax baby girl out but nope she was stubborn! but our dinner was sure entertaining... more on that later!
well as Thursday approached, we were told to call between 6 and 630 to see what time they wanted us to come into the hospital so at 0613 I called in and they asked if we could be there by 7- AHH!!! the panic set in... did I really want to go in knowing that I was asking them to put me in pain? was baby girl ready to be here? was I ready? the excitement and panic flooded my mind and body as I ran upstairs to wake Kurt up because we had to leave like ASAP to get to the hospital in time! Kurt and I were shocked and nervous but very very excited! I ran to get Keller ready as Kurt got ready (3 different times!! yes he was nervous to meet his baby girl!) we threw all the bags in the car and headed to Grandmas house! Kurt's parents were taking Keller while we were in the hospital- Keller was more than excited to hang out with grandma all day!
as Kurt and I drove the remainder of the way to the hospital our nerves were all over the place! "We got this" we joked as we walked in trying to make each other laugh while trying to calm our own nerves at the same time! they checked us in just after 0730 and reality hit! we are going to have another baby sometime today!! we are officially going to have two kids!!
my doctor broke my water before heading back to his office- they estimated baby girl would be here around two... little did we know- she had other plans!
I got the epidural around  0815 before they started any labor inducing  meds because my plan was to be able to feel everything but not be in agony while doing so- in hopes that by the time labor hit the epidural would have worn off a bit- seriously best plan ever!!! (I wish I had the guts to go totally a natural- but NOPE I wimped out!) well the epidural was in and working wonders.. I couldn't feel anything!! so just before 10 they came in to do the pitocin to induce labor... this is nothing I thought! well they continued to monitor my contractions and boy could I feel them- I was super happy I had received the epidural because Yikes!! I called the nurse in because I thought something must be wrong I was suddenly in tremendous pain! I asked her to check me and she laughed... BOOM my labor started just before 11AM ... she was shocked- I was ready to push! she quickly sent dr Hansen a text and he arrived almost immediately! I wanted to push the pain button and they laughed- "I wouldn't push it because she will be out before it even kicks in!" ohh gosh I thought- I can do this right?!? I looked at Kurt and he have me a big kiss and an even bigger smile! "You can do this babe- our little girl will be here so soon!"
and then KABOOM it was time to push and push and push... they told me that they could see her dark hair and I laughed and cried and then went very lightheaded. my blood pressure dropped drastically and I threw up- I hate throwing up!! Kurt held the oxygen for me just in case- they told me to take a big breath and push once more and then they told me her head was out! WHAT I didn't even feel it! the last push was a breeze because I was so excited to meet my baby girl! How on earth did it happen so fast!!? my doctor laughed- "good thing we induced you or else this little one would've been born before you got to the hospital" SOOO NOT funny- but so true! Thank goodness we were there because at 11:26 we welcomed our brand new baby girl into the family! Other than 2 scary minutes of puking labor was quick and perfect!
Welcome to the world baby girl! We couldn't be happier! You are absolutely perfect in every way!!!
now for a little bit of miss Sailor's story, in pictures.......

Introducing little miss Sailor Mae! Born July 17th @11:26 AM ~ 7 pounds 5 ounces ~ 20 inches

holding baby Sailor for the very first time!! Totally in love!

my perfect little princess and I

Kurt holding his baby girl for the very first time! He is the greatest husband and father! and this little miss already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger!

30 minutes after delivery and we couldn't be happier to have this little angel in our arms!

Oh hey everyone!!! Am I cute or what?!?!? 

And then there were 4!!! First family photo with all 4 of us! Keller wasn't too sure about this whole baby thing at first... luckily that all changed once we got home!!

Keller opening a present from his baby sis!

FIRST BATH.... the hair washing was her favorite part... the rest.. not so much!

daddy and his baby girl!

look at all that hair in the back!!! 

officially one day old! (20 hours... waiting for the okay to go home!)

going home!!! 26 hours old!!!

is that not THE cutest picture ever... this daddy is 100% smitten by his baby girl! I am one lucky mamma!

day three and this little boy LOVES his baby sister more than words!

I cant wait to see the relationship between these two develop! The adventures they will go on will be priceless!

okay and here are a few pics I attempted to take at home with our new camera... 

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  1. I seriously wish I had your "quick labor" genes! I'm so glad it all went well! She is beautiful and perfect! Love your little family!!