Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Summer Weekend in St George

I had every single intention of posting these as soon as we got home... but, oh you know..... life! 
We had such a wonderful little getaway this past week~ We were able to sneak away to St George for a few days, and it was GLORIOUS!! 
Our agenda???
Boating......swimming.... boating... swimming... pool... swimming.... ......... you get the idea! 
We had so much fun spending time together and with family! We were able to spend time with Kurt's parents and grandparents, and my kiddos couldn't have been happier... or more spoiled! It was such a wonderful little adventure and we cannot wait to go on our next!!!
We headed out Wednesday night and OHHH MY GUALLY can I just say that I love traveling with my family... it is entertaining... exhausting... and perfect! 
These two and their snuggle buddies! All the heart eyes!!!
Thursday was a busy day full of boating, swimming, and Kurt's mom even took me out to Tuacahn's "When You Wish" production, and it was AMAZING!!! it made me want to secretly start preforming again! They were absolutely incredible! Such an incredible experience! 

This kid is a FISH!!!

Lizard hunting ERRR DAY with these two!

it is totally normal to feed your baby sticks, right? Well, at least if you are as cute as little miss Sailor!
lunches on a boat..... is there anything better?!? nope!

Our first outing to the pool with these two little hams! They were a little more than excited to say the least!! and... then.... the splashpad! Is there anything better for a child... according to Keller and Sailor, nope! The splash pad is "AWESOMEST THING EVER!" and Keller... well, lets just say that he is a pro splasher! everyone and anyone in sight was splashed by this little mad man!

You guys!!! Kurt and I were able to take Keller on a little date night to the movies while Sailor played with grandma and grandpa! It was so fun to spend time with him one on one and it is crazy to see how much he has grown in just a short little time! The poor little kiddo was so worn out but he did everything that he could to stay awake... and that meant eating a TON of popcorn... and running to the bathroom 4 different times! but he LOVED it! We saw "Inside Out" and can I just say, adorable! It was definitely a win for mom and dad!... on another note... can you believe that this little sweetheart of mine will be THREE YEARS OLD IN LESS THAN A MONTH?!?!? how on earth did that happen? 

**and just a little disclaimer... these pics were taken way before the movie started! We arrived over 20 minutes early... we had the theater to ourselves for quite awhile! It was lovely! haha

Sunday lizard hunting with Grandma and Grandpa! 

"come here little lizard.. do you want to come in my bug catcher, thats a good idea...."

Our lizard hunting was definately successful.. we found at least 10+ a day!

Our adventures at the BLOC Wake Park! You guys, this place is SO dang fun! I may or may not have got the weirdest bruise I have ever received.,.. but it was so worth it and so much fun! This is our second time here- and Kurt is convinced that this is one of our new regular St George adventures.. I have to agree with him! Its a must! If you haven't yet gone... GO!!! YOU ARE WELCOME!  

Me... falling... gaining the weirdest bruise yet on the back of my leg... but you guys... i figured it out and did this little rainbow all by myself 4 more times! hahaha yay me!... yes I know it is not that impressive... but give a girl some credit! haha 

Keller was concerned that Kurt didnt land his trick the first few times...
Keller: "Mom, just let me swim out there and show dad how to do it..."
 Me: "how are you going to show him bubba?"
Keller: "I will just swim out there and climb on that thing, and say Dad stop fallin' off!- then he will do it! Thats a great idea, isn't it!"

The darling owners even let Kell head out on the paddle board! he was in heaven! all we heard constantly our whole trip was "I can just do that myself!"

Boating with GRANDPA!!! 

this little bathing beauty is one funny little drama queen! She is definitely the boss, and she knows it! 

Our little fish! Keller LOVED swimming! In the lake, in the pool, at the spash pad! If there was water to be found, this kid was in it! 

This here is 3 generations of boating OBSESSED Thomas men! ... we were sad that great grandpa couldn't make it out on the lake with us- he was just too tired... BUT let it be know... that there is definitely 4 generations of these water lovers! and we wouldn't have it any other way! Like father like son... and grandson... and greatgrandson! haha

St George, you were ohh so good to us!! Until next time my friend!!!

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