Saturday, October 24, 2015

Family nights at the ice rink!

Well, its that time of year... its not always warm enough to boat... so we head to the ice rink! 

Keller loves ice skating more and more and is getting better every time! I am so proud of him... even if sometimes it takes a little bribery to get him out there! The funny thing is, once we get him out there... he could stay out there for hours! He loves it and he loves to tell me....
~"mom- did you see that?!? I did that all. by. myself!" 
~"you know why... because I am getting big like daddy thats how I know I am getting so big!" 
~"mom that was sick tight- and I didnt even cry and it didnt even hurt!"
~ "i am going to play on the blackhawks like my dad- thats a good idea- right?"
~"I am going to practice so I can teach baby!" 
~etc... etc... etc... and I LOVE IT!!! 
I love that he gets so proud of himself and that he works so hard to be like his daddy! I hope is optimistic attitude stays forever! 

and then there's this little girl.... she LOVES watching her big brother ice skate and cant wait for the day that she can go out on the ice like a big girl! She claps and cheers for him non stop the whole time! She is the cutest little cheerleader I ever did see! 

I will cherish these little moments because I fear all too soon... Keller's hockey gear will be SMELLY! Far too soon I will be rushing this little baby boy to his big kid games.... and then he will be driving himself.... I am not ready for that yet! Stay little for a little while little sweetheart- mommy's heart isn't ready for you to grow up so quickly! 

Luckily for us, the boys take little breaks to let this little cheerleader give her hugs and kisses! 
"We're #1" Sailor LOVES her daddy and big brother more than anyone could ever comprehend! I love that she is genuinely so proud of them when they skate!

following in daddy's footsteps....

always running to catch up to her boys! 

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