Saturday, October 24, 2015

pictures... playing catch up....

teaching baby girl how to make a wish with a dandelion! 

introducing our pet "Gordy" the grasshopper... he lived a good 2 weeks in that jar outside.... until we forgot about him... sadly the sun crisped him right up in the end. whoops! but on the plus side, our amazing little goldfish is still living strong after 3 plus months... amazing!!!

This girl..... she LOVES her toothbrush! 

Keller: "Mom, i am just going to be 20 today- like my dad..." 
Mom: "well buddy- he is actually 28"
Keller: "no mom- he is actually 6- you know that!" 

General Conference Pancake prep with two of the cutest little helpers ever!

didnt you know.... vacuuming is where the fun is at! 

This little sweetheart reminds us daily  that we need to read our scriptures.... And he follows along in his little book looking at all of the pictures. I have never spent so long on one simple verse or chapter- but I am learning more now than ever before. The greatest examples, come in the smallest packages. 

making Halloween cookies with auntie nat! 

Auntie 'V' (aunt veronica) has officially sent in her mission papers!!!

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