Saturday, October 24, 2015

An afternoon of boating!

Its October 9th... We are preparing for Halloween, Keller’s birthday, and Fall in general, so clearly what else would we do… but BOAT!

The weather was perfect, the water was glass, and the seagulls were hungry! Boating at its finest!

Kurt was the only one to brave the water… our plan was to head to dear creek, boat for a bit, and then winterize the boat!
However with the water being glass and not too cold… instead Kurt threw on his wetsuit and jumped right in! He skied for a few hours and once I saw the perfect water Keller and I were sad that we didn’t wear our suits! Next time…. Next time!
But we enjoyed the perfect mountain air, the Heber Creeper, and truthfully hated the dang seagull that wouldn’t leave us alone! 

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