Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thanksgiving happenings

Thanksgiving was such a great day! Full of snuggles! Laughs! Cooking... Lots and lots of cooking! A little bit of working from home in the morning! A whole lot of eating! And so many new fun memories with family!
This year, we had our own little thanksgiving dinner at our house... I know.. I know... You may think that's odd- but it was PERFECT!! And we loved it!! I want our kids to know and love all of their extended family BUT I also want them to know that our little family needs these memories together too!
Kurt and I both work full time so we cherish all the time we get to spend with our little family together…. What can we say, we kinda like each other!!
Each year we try to rotate where we go... Thanksgiving is a bit hectic and we usually try to do both families- but as we have our own littles now, that has gotten a little harder and sometimes the stress and rushing around takes away from the actual family and experience anyways..
So this year we have tried to be better about focusing on being together and making these moments special. This year we decided to have our own little... Okay BIG thanksgiving dinner at our house, in the comfort of our jammies and stretchy pants!! We relaxed and snuggled and even watched a little movie! And then at 5 we headed to my side of the family in Bountiful for dessert and gingerbread house decorating!!
One of my FAVORITE thanksgiving traditions!
We decorated... Visited with family... And just had so much fun!!
And then came midnight... And two of my gorgeous sisters and I went shopping.
It was late. I should have been tired. But.... I had endless energy! We shopped... And laughed... And our feet started throbbing… we shopped till we literally dropped…. At 6AM.
We went home and sweet little Sailor was already awake ... I snuggled her and together we slept for 2 hours. And then we were up for round two! Haha I tell ya... It is all kind of a blur after that! All in all over a 3 day period I think I slept for maybe 6 hours until I crashed! But on the plus side- Christmas shopping was done... To be totally truthful... I didn't even buy that much... Haha most of my shopping was already done online. But it was so fun to be with my cute sisters and laugh until we seriously wanted to drop!
And … You guys. Let's be clear... I have no problem with Black Friday shopping... For the most part... In fact I love it. I think it is fun. I think many people have traditions and spend time with their families while they shop... BUT. I think the thing you need to remember is the whole reason for the Seasons. It is sad that there are some who let their black Friday fun take over thanksgiving... But I say, to each their own.
if you choose to shop or not, please please please remember to be thankful, be kind, be present, and show love... To everyone! Don't quickly forget all that you were thankful for the day before- please remember to keep that same attitude with everyone you see even when shopping! There are many who don't mind working... But there are so many who would rather be home with their own families, so be kind! Be courteous! And spread that holiday cheer!!
I couldn’t be more thankful this thanksgiving for all that I have been blessed with! Most importantly my sweet little family, the gospel, and the ability to be and see happiness!! Happiest of thanksgivings to you- from me and my turkeys!! 
And now for some pictures......
my little baking assistant.... clearly he was also my taste tester!

What do you do while mommy cooks and works??? obviously you count all of your PEZ dispensers!

and play with play dough! 

SO. MUCH. FOOD!!! ohh and can I just say that it was 100% from scratch... and AMAZING!! 

these two thought they were so funny with the turkey bones! "Mommy look I am like a dinosaur! But dont worry I am just pretending- im really just Keller still!" hahaha

food coma.... 

"Mom dis is the coolest house ever! I can eat it! it is so funny!"

Shopping shenanigans! 

Clearly Sailor is a big fan of the gingerbread house too..... every piece of candy has teeth marks in it from this little one... EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE!

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