Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mommy letters: My Little Sailor Mae

Oh my little Sailor girl, ohh how you have grown! You are the sweetest spunkiest little lady there ever was.
You LOVE with all your heart! You are a mamas girl through and through and you can snuggle for days!!... unless of course daddy is ice skating or rollerblading… in that case, you are a daddy’s girl without a doubt! You love being included in EVERYTHING!!
My favorite thing is listening to you sleepily call my name first thing in the morning when you are ready to come and snuggle your mommy and daddy!
You love your big brother and you live for 'teasing him!
You want to do everything he does and more! He is your hero and best friend!  You follow his every step and try to be big just like him... I love that you love him so!!! But don't grow up so fast my little love, this mommy needs her sweet baby girl!!!
You recently learned the art of shifty eyes... And rolling your eyes... Yes my little love, you are sassy! And it is naughty... But hilarious.... You have a mind of your own and you show us who the real boss is.... You!
You challenge us daily and teach us more than we thought possible from such a tiny little person!
You have the funniest little personality and you love to make people laugh! You are full of so much love and happiness!
You love babies, doggies, princesses, and more!!
You are not a fan of monsters or ghosts… both of which your brother loves to tease you about!
You are a girly girl and tom boy mixed together in one perfect little angel! You love your bows and pony tails… and you love to pick out your own bow and outfit each morning!
You also LOVE to play hockey with your daddy and big brother! You recently created your own victory pose… and it is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!
You are full of love and adventure! You are always on the move and have become quite the little daredevil with your big brother as your coach!
You have the cutest little toothy grin and the prettiest blue eyes!
Every night as I rock you to sleep, I look at your perfect little innocent face and am in awe that you are mine.
You are beautiful and perfect!
You have recently learned to postpone bedtime… an art of which I am certain you learned from your big brother. You insist on reading a book… or as many as you can get away with.
We absolutely MUST read the scriptures and say our prayers in Keller’s room or bedtime simply won’t happen… you make sure of that! You insist on singing songs and fight sleep until you finally cave in and fall asleep snuggled in my arms with the sweetest softest smile on your face. It makes the battle worth it- EVERY. NIGHT.
You are growing more and more everyday and to be honest, I am terrified!
But my little darling, you are the love of our lives! Our little sweetheart our little princess and the perfect fit to our little family!!! We love you more than you'll ever know! I love you baby girl!!

Love, Mommy xoxo

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