Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our little Spring Photo shoot....

There are days when I am still in shock that I am a mother... days that I think when. how. what... not in a bad way but more of  in awe! I have been SO incredibly blessed with two perfect little beings. They make me laugh, cry, and smile everyday! They are the two greatest things that could have ever happened to Kurt and I. We laugh constantly at how much life has changed... but it has changed to be so so good! Don't get me wrong- it was good before- but seriously these little kiddos ... the ones who make us crazy... make us so stinkin' happy! 
How did we get so lucky!  

Yesterday- I told Keller that I hadn't taken pictures for a long time... his response... "well why don't we just take some then- silly mommy!?!" 
DUHH!! why don't we just take some... so take some we did! We couldn't stop laughing...They were not fancy- in fact we still had Thomas the train playing in the background... and I was in sweats.. because when your child agrees to take pictures, you stop getting yourself ready and you grab your camera! We threw a few outfits on Sailor... per her own request.. she is all girl I tell ya! but mostly we tried to get some pics in their Easter outfits... 
Like I said, they aren't fancy.. but I almost love them more because of that.. .I was able to capture their unique little personalities so perfectly and let them do their thing! 
This little outfit was from when Sailor was a baby... but she grabbed it out of the closet and since it really had no wrong or right size.. .I figured- what the hay- lets do it! She was being a total ham and had Keller and I busting a gut from laughing so much! She is most definitely a little class clown in the making! 

I love this picture.... even with her bed head! haha

and my favorite...... taa daa... apparently the tulle gets itchy!!!

Another outfit Sailor picked out.... LOVE!!! it is actually for a 3 year old- but I love the way it fits her now! I am glad we pulled it out- or I would have never known it fit so well! She looks so old in it! PS.... she LOVES to pose herself! and it is adorably cute and super hilarious to watch! ... she kept calling herself "so cute" and "pretty" the whole time! I couldn't help but to agree! 

Watching Thomas for all of 4 seconds made for some cute pictures... 

If you know Sailor... you know that her little tongue is sticking out CONSTANTLY! she is a ham and we love her for it! 

Now for this handsome little devil! He kept telling me... "Mom I look like a handsome boy, don't I?" Yes, you absolutely do buddy! 

That smug little grin! haha this little boy is the spitting image of his daddy.. in looks AND personality!!!

This little boy made me a mommy and the day I saw his cute little face - my heart melted! One day we are going to be in big trouble with this little dude... he has told us on multiple occasions that... "all the girls are probably going to want to kiss me cause I am so cool." 

These two together = trouble! haha they are so fun and are my little dreams come true! 

Those smiles!!! 

Sailor teasing with kisses! which quickly turned into a slobbery licking fight... no words! Kids are funny. crazy. silly. weird. gross. and yet still perfect in every way! 


we tried to take some pictures outside.... it didn't go too well.... BUT we did have fun! 

Keller was trying to teach Sailor how to blow big magic bubbles... she was trying to teach him that dipping chalk in the bubbles was even cooler.... 

Hey g-money.... loosing his pants! 


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