Sunday, April 3, 2016

Springtime at the ZOO with my little monkeys....

Home early from vacation, no computer or way to work, means extra time off with my kiddos! So what do we do... we go to the ZOO!!! 
We love the zoo!!! 
Sailor Growling like a lion....

Sailor waved and said hi and bye to every animal and blew the majority of them kisses! She giggled when the monkey pooped and Keller loudly announced that the monkey was disgusting and should go potty in the bathroom! he was also very concerned that you could see the monkeys bum and pee pee... " he probably needs undies mom!"

I love how much Sailor loves her big brother and tried to copy everything! He wanted to "checkout the stuff" and she just had to join him! He grabbed her hand and off they went- my mamma heart swelled! 

So this little spotted sea lion kept playing peek- a -boo with Keller and then suddenly swam at full speed to the glass right where Keller was standing and scared the life out of Keller! He ran so fast and had to warm up before getting closer to the glass again. The little sea lion stood upright in the water and continued to play peek a boo above and below the water! It was darling and actually pretty funny! Keller didn't know what to think but Sailor loved it and thought it wanted its tummy tickled! 

Explore. Imagine. Dream

Sailor growling again.... Keller wanted to know how they took the skeleton out of the polar bear.... and he wanted to know if they brush its teeth... because that would be really silly!

Watching the Polar Bear swim and play! 

and the grizzlies were swimming too!! and playing ball! we totally lucked out! 

Just hanging with the gorillas! 

Oh. my .gosh. Getting this picture was THE funniest thing ever! Sailor watched Keller climb on top of the gorilla and so she insisted that she get to too... and then kept saying cheese for a picture... I was struggling trying to get a picture and keep her from falling when a cute little elderly native man asked in broken English if he could help hold her up- If you know my kids... you know they are shy... I thought for sure that Sailor would freak out- BUT she smiled and patted his head multiple times- as if to say- thank you sir!- and then she turned back to the camera and continued to say "CHEESE CHEESE!!" i laughed and snapped a pic and then hurried to help her down.. she patted his head again, and we were off! It was almost comical! I had never seen her do that before and it was so funny! and lucky for me- the picture is darling! I love that there are still sweet and kind people in this world!  

Riding the train... because you absolutely cannot go to the zoo without riding the train!! 

So I gave in and we bought a bubble gun... $10 well spent if you ask me! But Keller could not figure out why all sorts of kids were flocking to him... it was hilarious!!! Bubbles= kids running toward you from every direction to pop them!!! 

We got home .. had a quick outfit change.. because mommy forgot to take the kiddos to the bathroom before leaving the zoo... whoops!!! and had a little picnic in the backyard because it is finally spring weather!!! woot! woot! until next time!!! 

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