Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pictures galore...... in no particular order....

Okay... I am well aware that these pictures make me look like I have one child... this is because Keller is becoming increasingly pickier about when we can or cant take a picture! haha AND he is becoming more and more demanding to be the one who takes the pictures... it is actually kind of adorable - and he is actually pretty good at it.. especially if you don't mind if your head is missing from the frame! haha I love these crazy little kiddos!

This little lady- always on the move... always being crazy... 

A boy. his dad. and his trains!!! 

A snuggle session with grandpa Wuthrich on his birthday! and a sleepy little sister... photo cred Keller!

These 2 pictures.. even though the quality is awful.. are two of my newest favorite pictures.. why? Because Keller woke me up nice and early to hurry as fast as I could downstairs to take a picture of him and his "sweetheart sister" and then he insisted he take one of me and Sailor together as well... no makeup... messy hair.. but i will love and cherish it forever! 

You eat with your feet propped on the table too right??? ... and these two littles in their "cars" watching a movie! 

Neighborhood garage sale... our cute little neighbor also made cupcakes to sale.. they were a BIG hit! and sold out quickly with the help of my two little loves!

Twinning manicures.... and sleeping babes!

bubbles... bubbles.. bubbles

Best entertainment for children, you ask.... ohh you know ... BUBBLE WRAP!! they sat and popped those bubbles for a good 45 minutes on the stairs! ... and Keller LOVES helping me get our little garden spot ready!! I love that he loves it! 

Just celebrating her daily ritual of stealing daddy's glasses... and slides!!!
Well folks... that is all for now! 
Until next time.... I will be here snuggling my little monkeys!

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