Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunday JULY 13TH...

So after contracting for weeks Sunday the 13th we decided to try and attempt a little family hike to maybe induce labor.. well it obviously didn't work especially because our walk only lasted about 10 minutes- BUT we did have a ton of fun together and we got some fun pictures...
Here goes...
So first and foremost... yes, Keller is topless! Right as we pulled the truck up to our final destination in Draper- he decided to puke milk all over the back seat of Kurt's truck... milk and 90 degree weather just don't mix well! so... right then and there, we knew our hike would be short lived so that the little guy wouldn't get sun burnt- so as short and sweet as our hike was, we still had fun!

look at those two handsome fellas just hikin away! 

Me and my boy! .. and my giant belly!

This handsome fella is my favorite!! 

Keller's favorite part of the hike... the drinking fountain! 

and we found the perfect street for long boarding on our way home... Kurt was in heaven!

i love my little family and even though our walk didnt induce labor- it was absolutely perfect! 

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