Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In this very moment...

in this very moment....
as I sit here with both babies sleeping in my arms and at my side I cannot help but to feel total and complete love and gratitude!
in this very moment I am in my own little paradise! yes I am sore from the fun adventure of delivering my sweet baby girl and yes I am tired because here I am typing when both babies are sleeping... am I crazy?!? yes!!! but I can't help myself! I could sit here for hours watching these two precious littles sleep... who am I kidding that is what I do! I love it! they sleep so soundly and look so peaceful!
when I look at Keller and Sailor side by side I am in total shock at how huge Keller looks! how on earth did he get so big?!? and then I can't help but to think that in a year my baby girl will be big too... noooo!!! who gave these two littles of mine permission to grow up... it certainly was not me! but even though this perfect tiny little stage goes by so very quickly I wouldn't change a thing- because all of those little stages in between are my favorite as well!! I feel so blessed to be snuggling my babies and knowing that I am their mommy! so in this very moment I want nothing more than to sit and watch and soak in every second of their perfect little faces! Their little hands and feet, their smiles, and the sounds of them sleeping so peacefully! it is little moments like this that will pass far too quickly and I know I will miss them! so for here and now I will sit, watch, and listen to my sweet little loves! Mommy loves you Keller Bug and Sailor Mae! you are my everything!!!
don't you just love my awesome seat in the middle... yes the after effects of  pregnancy bring on a whole new level of sexy... NOT!! 


And for some heart melting photos....

this is how keller insists on watching cartoons half of the time

this little buddy started potty training yesterday (7/23/14)... HE LOVES IT!!! wish us luck! 

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