Monday, August 25, 2014


Okay you guys have you ever stressed about what to get or not to get for a cute couple when they tie the knot??? Well- let me just tell you... when we got married we were so so sooo very blessed! And received more than we could have ever have imagined! And among all of our incredible gifts we received one gift with a few essentials... such as detergent, soap, etc... not gonna lie, at first glance we thought- what an odd gift! BUT... then soon after we returned from our honeymoon and went back to life- we realized just how amazing this gift was! I mean HELLO!!! Who wants to spend all of their fun wedding money on the boring stuff?? and who wants to spend their first shopping trip with their new sweetheart to go and buy some highly important toilet paper.. ya that is what I thought! So ladies and gents- that is why for my little sister and her sweetheart after thinking long and hard of the perfect gift- we gave up- and then we gave it our all.... I present to you Lexie and Tyler's NOT LAME AT ALL NEWLYWED EMERGENCY BASKET: enjoy!!!

oh hey you cute lovebirds the big day is passed and 
can you believe it... you're married at last! 
well for your sweet present we thought Long and hard.. 

and that is when we decided to make you this card!

I know what you're thinking... "coolest gift EVER!!" BUT just you wait... cause we're about to get clever! 
you see, after the big day is all said as done; 

you're covered in all the presents and goodies you've won! 

you rush home to carefully start to unwrap and then the cake hits you and you've gotta (well you know..)  
you rush to the bathroom and to your despair... 

you quickly realize there's no TP in there. 

now here's the dilemma.. 

don't believe me, just wait..

 is TP what you really want to buy on your first shopping date? 

We all know those gift cards were meant for much more,

 than something that's used behind closed bathroom doors! 

and now we will stop before this gets gross...

 because let's just face it- you know you love us the most! 

But for realsies... I hope by us providing you with this 'wickedly awesome not lame at all newlywed emergency basket' you can spend your first big shopping trip buying fun things and not worry about the boring stuff yet... because trust us, those gift cards are like gold and should be used as such! hahaha

we love you guys!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Kurt, Jackie, Keller Bug, & Baby Sailor 

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