Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mr & Mrs Tingey

August 2nd 2014... my gorgeous little sister was sealed for time and all eternity to her sweetheart and I couldn't be happier for them and couldn't be more excited to welcome Tyler into this crazy family! I didn't get too many pictures because I was not all there (my body was fighting a lovely kidney infection and I was doing my best to focus on the moment.. and focusing on not passing out... I would call it a success!) But without further ado... here are a few pics after the two lovebirds said I do!
Waiting outside the temple for the newlyweds... Keller loves his aunties!

they were sooo excited to be married they practically sprinted out of the temple together! They were so happy and looked simply stunning! What a perfect couple! 

Keller talking with the beautiful bride! I wish I couldve gotten this pic from the otherside as well.. but alas I did not... I struggled! but non the less... isnt this simply adorable! 

this incredible man just married my little sister...ya done good! and as you can tell- he is amazing and will fit just lovely into our family!! Welcome Tyler!!!!

my sisters are simply gorgeous!!! 


A grandpa and his granddaughter! Nothing is more precious! I sure love this man and couldn't be more blessed to call him my dad! It makes my heart so full to see my incredible father holding my sweet baby girl! He was Sailors personal body guard for the day since I was terrified to have her out and about at only 2 weeks old! 

My beautiful sis and Keller bug! They were looking at the "water... water... WATER!!!!" 

my incredible parents with the beautiful bride!!!

the incredible vintage inspired cake, created by my beautiful and incredibly talented grandma!

Tyler... be weary.... the woman has a twinkling in her eye and a knife... haha 

cutting the cake! 

cutest couple ever! So very happy for them both!!

beautiful... simply beautiful... hahaha Lex I LOVE YOU!!! 

whoops... dropped the cake! 

my incredible grandma and grandpa! 

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