Saturday, August 9, 2014

two week photo shoot!

I know I know... soooo many pictures! BUT I just cant help myself!! Time went by so quickly when Keller was this tiny and obviously time is still flying by now.. SOOO I want to document it!or at least try to! These two littles of mine have the sweetest most innocent little relationship and I cant wait to see them grow and develop together! I sure love them!!

Okay so first and foremost.... this girl.... she makes some "cute" faces.... which makes taking pictures quite an entertaining process! Oh I just love her!!!

AND.... this boy... he makes my heart so happy... and my mind and body in constant go mode... th
is little buddy is one busy little mister! And I LOVE HIM!!! He is such a sweet little boy and a darling big brother who constantly worries about his "beeebee!"

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