Saturday, August 9, 2014

unplanned adventures!

Can I just say that I LOVE unplanned adventures with this little family of mine! SOOOO without further ado.... here are a few of our recent adventures! First of all... look who is now THREE WEEKS OLD! ahhhh I cannot believe it has already been three weeks! Can someone please slow time down a bit!

still no bald spot... fingers crossed! haha

Keller was a bit concerned that she was not smiling! haha

this little boy LOVES his little sister! She gets hugs and kisses ALL DAY!

Okay.... let me explain... first of all, it is AUGUST NOT October... and yet this little kitty is our new decor...this cat is this boys new tag along friend.... he was terrified of it when he saw it in the basement and thought it was a monster... but we convinced him that its a nice monster so now he likes it during the day... but insists that it stays in moms room! hahaha  BUT... notice the choke hold he has on the little guy! way to play it safe little buddy! 

we can finally play in our backyard!!!! You have no idea how exciting this news is!!!

he was sliding mushrooms and snails down his slide.... he is most definitely all boy!

 Friday we headed up to Kamas to see the Tour of Utah Bike festivities... well as we finally reached our destination, it seemed the majority of the events head ended so instead we decided we should go fishing... and then we found the PERFECT FISHING HOLE! HAHAHA so perfect in fact... see for yourself! 
Perfect right?!??!? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! no??? well okay the truth is... it was the perfect little spot with guaranteed bites! HAHA we found the cutest little hatchery! it was such a fun little adventure!

Keller was very entertained by these little beauties! Gross I know... but he was one happy little camper!

A daddy and his little sidekick! I cant even begin to explain the love I have for these two boys of mine! 

showing baby sis his cool toy

this baby girl was all smiles up in the fresh mountain air!!! 

first successful catch! Kurt caught a bunch but those sneaky little buggers are pros at unhooking themselves! 

notice how Keller is nowhere to be seen! hahahahaha he was officially freaked out by the flopping fish!

keeping his distance!

if you could have only heard the sweetest little "Hi! Hi ishy!!!" he kept his distance but kept checking on his sleeping "ishies" It was hands down, THE cutest thing ever! I love my sweet baby boy and his adorable little personality!


Second catch... notice Kellers hands! hahaha he was very nervous and kept shuddering! We couldn't stop laughing! 

16 bucks... 2 fish.. and one amazing adventure later... I would call it a total success! I love this little family of mine! And on the plus side... we dont even have to clean the fish.. we paid an extra buck and they did it for us! wahoo!! hahaha

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