Saturday, August 9, 2014

nap time! and then some...

Soo... this boy... 
Lets just say he likes to get "creative" when I feed Sailor.... today he got real REAL creative... he tried to bring a box of cereal up the stairs.. but spilled it all over the stairs.. and then decided to clean it up... by rubbing the cereal into the carpet (you know... cause that is how you clean up water.. so cleaning up cereal would be the same process, right?) Well I couldn't help but to laugh even though I wanted to secretly scream/cry.. but I laughed ... so Keller laughed... and then together we vacuumed.. and vacuumed and vacuumed... Keller was in heaven! 

You guys... I LOVE watching my babies sleep! BUT not in a creeper way- just in the way that they are absolutely perfect and innocent and they are growing like weeds, so I want to soak it all in! And what better way to do that then by sitting and starring at them sleep??? right??? hahaha just kidding... kinda :)

(8/9/14) three weeks and two days.

and how precious are baby yawns... even if it was right before she woke up to eat! oh I just LOVE them!

two sleeping babies 

and then my heart grew two sizes larger and exploded out of my chest! I am so in love with these two little babies of mine! 

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