Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CORNBELLY'S and then some...

Holidays are SOOO fun and even more so after having kids! With Keller getting a little older and being SUPER energetic and independent, we want to make lots of new memories!! this year we decided to venture out to Cornbellys! Keller was a bit timid at first but soon warmed up once he realized he LOVED the slides with auntie nat! so fun and even more fun to watch! it was a fun intro to all of our fall festivities!!! 

AND THEN SOME............

Keller's PUMPKIN!!!

this poor kiddo has a cold and has been doing all he can to stay awake.... I couldnt help but to laugh.. he was so tired! I t was just too cute! 

Working on Keller's Halloween costume.... Sulley here we come!!

this goofy boy found grandma'ss glasses and he thought he was pretty funny... he was! haha

tomatoes anyone?!?!?

Keller feeding the llamas with uncle Anthony! 

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