Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treat

Welcome to our Halloween PICTURE OVERLOAD!!! Wahoo!! Hold on to your seats! 
To start out.... Keller was so excited by the time Halloween rolled around, this year, since we are a little ummm... OBSESSED with monster's inc at our house we had no choice but to be none other than Monster's inc in the flesh! Keller was Sulley with his little Boo (Sailor) at his side ... I decided to make the costumes this year, and I loved it! It was so fun thinking costumes through with Keller- and he loved helping to put the stuffing in his tail! It was a lot of work, but I think they turned out pretty darn cute... even if they didn't fit quite right! hahaha

As Halloween approached, we practiced saying TRICK OR TREAT.... but generally Keller would simply say... "ANDY EEEASE!!" (candy please!) It was absolutely adorable! Once he got the hang of the whole trick or treat deal- he was hooked! He would loudly announce "DAD NEXXT DOOR!"  and hurry as fast as his little feet... and tail would let him! He was so independent.. big surprise... He didnt want to be held.. he didnt want to sit in the stroller, and he did not want us to hold his hand.. "mom, I big" It was darling.. and a little frustrating.. but seriously HEARTBREAKING!!! when the heck did my little buddy grow up?  
SOOOO, all being said, we had a blast! Now for the pictures..... (sorry they are not in any correct order... ahhh)

Keller insisted in walking THROUGH all the leaves he saw!

really though... didnt your heart just melt a little! 

Keller could not wait to go trick or treating... i was bribing him for HOURS to wait till dad got home! 

Keller with his pumpkin!... do you notice the sulley and monster's inc stickers... yes he LOVES monsters inc!

me and my boo!!

Sailor LOVED her costume... she was trying to eat it the whole night.. and she looked pretty dang cute if you ask me!!! OHH I JUST LOVE HER!!! seriously though... look at her smile!!! 

Halloween morning!!! Matchy matchy! hahaha I LOVE THESE LITTLE PUMPKINS OF MINE!!! 

A few from the morning after Halloween... he really wanted to go trick or treating again! hahaha sorry buddy its just once a year! 

 more pictures.... sorry I told you the order was weird!!!

ohh that little face!! I just love her! 

"bebe wook eye!!!" hahahaha 

We went trick or treating to grandma and grandpa... and Keller just wanted to Vacuum!!! 

Dad and kell found a black cat! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BWAHAHAHAHA

We had to bribe kell to sit in the stroller if he was going to sneak Candy from his bucket... sugar overload! 

Caught in the act.... our little candy thief! hahaha 


SIX years and counting!!! Its crazy too look at all that's changed over the past 6 years!! Love you guys! 

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