Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014 Family Pictures

Okay ladies and gents I present to you a few of our family pictures....

Family pictures this year were a bit.. um.... interesting! The day we had booked for our pictures was November 1st... the day after that perfect warm Halloween! What could go wrong, right?!? Well after that warm and peaceful Hallows eve the next day was CRAZY WINDY!!! and CRAZY COLD!!! Oh and lets not forget the rain! Yes our 'perfect day' for pictures was turning out to be a perfect disaster!!! So some last minute outfit alterations..LAYERS.. lots and lots of layers and tons of hair spray and gel to try and keep our hair in place during the 'beautiful' blustry day we headed out to make some memories! It all started out okay... but holy smokes, it was FREEZING!!! Poor little Sailor was such a champ even though she was clearly freezing! So through the stress of it all our planned hour and a half of picture taking quickly ended after only 30 minutes because well lets just say poor little Sailor was done! Her cheeks were a definite hue of blue-  It was a little scary and I felt awful!! And so that was that and we were done I was a nervous wreck thinking that we just blew that money away in the wind because how on earth would we get our moneys worth after only 30 freezing minutes?Well I am happy to announce that we did get a few good ones! I will not lie this wasn't my favorite year of all our pictures and a few we were sent aren't necessarily my favorite- but the poor girl didnt have much to work with! And the few that I love... lets just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So even through all that crazy mess of a fiasco I think that it was worth it! And I love my crazy little family- so a crazy eventful day is kind of just expected! haha
Here are a few of my favorites.... oh and to start things off with a little laugh let me just show you one of my least favorites..... :(
call me crazy but.. .really????? Why ??? there are no words! hahaha
Okay now that I just gave you a good laugh... or nightmares... here are a few of my favorites!

our biggest challenge of the night ... getting this little man to smile... fail! BUT what can I say, he is a little cutie pie even if he is little mr serious! I just love this little man of mine! 

okay i have a love hate relationship with this picture.... and the next! haha they are some of my favorites- but Keller's little half opened eyes! hahahahaha And you can clearly tell Sailor and I are freezing!!!!!! 

I love this little family of mine!!! Even Kell's semi opened fluttering eyes! hahaha He sure loves his baby sis- that is one thing that I can never complain about! He would hug and kiss her all day if we let him!

We are so blessed to have these two little angels in our lives! Keller and Sailor your mommy and daddy love you two more than you will ever know! 

my boys!!! I love these two more than words can even begin to describe!

guys I cannot begin to describe the fear that filled me taking these pictures- that water was running fast and was a good 4 feet drop off and Keller wanted to just jump right in- It was all Kurt and I could do to keep him away from the edge! 

note to self... next time take pics when it is warm because this cardigan is freakin me out in this pic and the next... I feel like I now have a self conscious hunch back! hahahaha booooo! I promise it is just the awkward cardigan.... I hope... excuse me while I go and cry! hahaha

Well ladies and gents, thats a wrap- family pictures are done- one more year down... until next year! hahaha

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