Thursday, November 6, 2014

Keller is TWO!!!!

OCTOBER 21ST 2014 
guess who turned TWO?!? that's right I said it.... TWO!!!! I cannot believe that two years ago Kurt and I headed to the hospital in a bit of a labor induced panic and within hours we became a family of three. two years ago we met our precious baby boy. we held him in our arms, smothered him with kisses, and life was perfect! annnndd fast forwarding two years to today, we still hold him in our arms, smother him in kisses, and though it may be unbelievable, life is even more perfect than before! the past two years have been full of so many adventures, emotions, and memories. Keller buddy I cannot believe how quickly you are growing up and daily you surprise us with new words, phrases, tricks, and dare I say sass?? you my little sweetheart have spunk! such a fun little personality and you are very very determined (orrrr stubborn.. haha) but you are absolutely perfect and we love you!!!! AND NOW FOR SOME BIRTHDAY DAY PICTURES.....annnnd yes as you can tell, we had a very busy day!!!! Ohh and they are not in order.. so sorry!! 

Riding the scooter with dad... like a big boy! 

painting the patio?????

and of course we cant forget dads tricks! haha 

vacuuming the grass??? i mean who doesn't! hahaha 

Jungle Jim's with Grandma and cousins!!

grandma was a good sport and rode almost EVERY ride just for Keller... he refused to go without her for the first 30 minutes! He loves his best buddy! 

he really is having fun... i promise... 

Cute Addie and Emmers! Emery was a good sport and rode alone half the time so that Addie could sit with Keller... he struggled a bit warming up to the whole "amusement" park idea... he obviously gets that from his daddy! 

Meg and the girls were so fun to hang out with! I could not get Keller to smile in ANY picture! hahaha BUT he has since wanted to go back.. what a little goof ball! 

Sailor was a little trooper too!!! PS... apparently I am really diggin the whole "trooper" word today! 

"shoot barney!" hahaha Keller was positive that the purple little ghosts were barney.. He loved it! hahaha and he loves barney too.... he was very excited about the whole thing! 
 and a few of Kell opening presents... I didnt take too many! whoops!!

Kellers cake.. he picked it out himself at Smiths after his doc appointment... he said "ooo cute mom!!" it was a halloween large cupcake.. and he also picked out a cute elephant birthday cake (pink and girly) for baby... he's a keeper! haha

the docotr appointment... he was such a sweetheart! He does not like he doc.. who could blame him.. darn shots! BUT he did so good and sat just like a big boy for the first time ever... even through the shots!!! However... after he quickly told the nurse she was "not nice" hahaha I love this little goober!!! 

obviously he had an array of emotions at his appointment

This kiddo!!! I LOVE HIM!! after he was a champ at his doctor appointment, we made a deal that we would go pick out his cake and he wanted to get his pumpkin at the pumpkin patch... aka Smiths! hahaha I am terrible I know.. but he didnt seem to mind- He LOVED it.. infact.. he picked out 4 and I had to sneak two of them back into the pile when he wasnt looking. Overall, I would say it was a successful day picking pumpkins! hahaha 

Keller's birthday lunch with grandma at Zaxby's!!! 

he got... a... vacuum!!! 

Sailor was such a sweetheart the whole day!!! I love my little princess!!!

pooped on the drive home from the "pumpkin patch"


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