Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Few Christmas parties........ and more.....

Christmastime is full of so many fun traditions and parties and I do wish I documented all of them but sadly I didn't, I was too caught up in all of the fun and the magic......  But I did take a few pictures of some of our fun Christmastime adventures! And for our own memories, here is a bit of our Christmastime agenda ad-midst work, life, and everything else we were a little busy! haha

December 7th- Wuthrich Family Thanksgiving dinner
December 13th- Festivle of Lights with Thomas family
December 19th- Wuthrich Family Christmas Party
December 20th- Call Family Christmas Party
December 22nd-Thomas Family Christmas Party
December 24th- Thomas Family Heber Christmas Party

Thomas Family Christmas Party:

Keller was still not over his ear infections so he was a little emotional and totally glued to grandma all night! But he had so much fun and loved seeing all of his "buddies" (cousins and family)

Keller is totally obsessed with his new ninja turtle blanket!!

Grandma and Grandpa and all of their little Christmas Elves!!

Kurts mom and dad put together the most beautiful Christmas bag this year with a book of Christmas and all of the meanings and symbols- we each took turns reading the pages, it was such a fun way to remember the true meaning of Christmas and brought the spirit into our fun filled night... as we each took turns reading... the grand kiddos took full advantage of snuggling/ attacking grandma and grandpa!

Random... but Keller wanted to floss while getting ready for the Call family party,  just like his daddy....


The babies!!! Little Sailor girl and Jerris are growing up far too quickly!!! I love them to bits!

You cant really tell from the pictures but Kellers poor little throat was so dang swollen from all the ear infection crud!! and as you can clearly tell, he was drooling like crazy because of it. Poor kiddo! 

Auntie V snugglin on Sailor and Jerris with his beautiful mamma! I love these four to bits!!

Sailor snuggling her auntie Lex!

I just love this beautiful bunch of people!!! AND I couldnt be more blessed to call them mine!!

These two will totally be on the covers of magazines one day... picture perfect!!! I LOOOOVE them!!! 

YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This man is the greatest man you will ever have the pleasure of knowing! This man (and my mamma) gave up so much for me and are truly the most Christlike people you will ever meet! I love my parents more than anything!! I am so lucky that my babies get to call them grandma and grandpa! ANNND I know I didnt say it before, but the same goes with my incredible in laws- Kurt too was blessed with amazing parents that have given us so much and are truly perfect in every way! I couldnt be more blessed and I am so grateful to know that I will be stuck with all of them in the eternities to come!! 

ELMO!!! Jerris was in love and simply amazed! I love this little family! Dan and Challis are simply darling and I love them to pieces and that little Jerris ... need I say more?!? Perfect!!! I LOOOOVE them!!


We weren't quite prepared for the snow this year... we hadn't realized that the coat we bought Kell last year is way too small now since our child WONT. STOP. GROWING.  .... so we improvised! 

I could not stop laughing and Keller was having the time of his life and did not want to come in... have I mentioned that he is exactly like his daddy?!?

While the boys played in the snow, this little lady got her first ever pedicure!! Pink little Piggies!!

She was totally in love and fascinated!!

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