Thursday, January 1, 2015

Don't judge....

Soooooo let me just start by saying that I am so so soooo very grateful for oh so many things! And don't get me wrong, I LOVE Thanksgiving and everything about it but I am 100% guilty at being the WORST picture taker for the day... boo!!! I did get a few but like i said, dont judge... hahaha 

To start out... this ball... watching Kurt and Keller 'play' football in the backyard amidst Kurt putting up the Christmas lights was probably one of the highlights of my day!! Yes we were all still in grubbies, yes we looked semi homeless, and yes we were having more fun then you could possibly imagine and I wouldn't change a crazy minute with these loves of mine for anything!


This baby girl and her daddy are the best of buds... she is still totally a mommies girl BUT she yells for her daddy's attention ALL DAY!! she loves to sit and talk to her daddy and smiles for days! It is hands down one of THE cutest things EVER!! 

sooooo this probably deserves a description.... i told Keller that we would color with the chalk.. but then I had to feed Sailor and go inside.. so in came Keller WITH the chalk.... long story short, easiest cleanup and happiest little boy ever... coloring the kitchen tiles... 

 We braved the black Friday crowds (kinda... we technically didn't leave the house till 11 but it was still crazy!!) BUT .... these two were troopers!!!

Getting ready for Christmas.... my little helper putting ornaments on the Christmas tree!

more adventures as of late..... 

these two littles are the best of friends!!! 

Gingerbread men!!!

Teaching his baby sis about 'his' Christmas tree and that Santa and Jesus are best buddies! 

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