Wednesday, January 21, 2015

from baby to big boy... time never stops.


Ohhh my little buddy how I love you so!
I cannot believe how much you've grown these past 6 months as well! You are the best big brother! And I still can’t believe that six short months ago, you and I were hanging out waiting for your baby sis to make her big debut! I was a little worried at how you two would get along- whether it would be a hard adjustment, whether you would ‘like’ her or not- and then she arrived and you changed from my baby to a big boy… a big brother, right before my eyes!  You have amazed me each and every day! You worry and care for your baby constantly and love her more than I ever imagined! I am so proud of you and sad all at the same time! My little baby Keller is no longer a little baby- you are my big boy, my best buddy, and my little helper! And I love you more than you’ll ever know!

You, my little Keller dude, are always on the move!
Yes, you are quite the busy bee! You love to play puzzles…. “Mom, puzzles all day". You love to cook and mix anything! I love that you are my little helper! You love to dance until you're dizzy (since your dancing mainly consists of you running in circles- dizziness is inevitable). You love to roller blade and play hockey and you are your daddy's little buddy! You love doing anything and everything daddy does! You wait in total anticipation for daddy to get home and the two of you race down to the basement for your nightly hockey tournaments! I love that you love your daddy so much! You love your hair to be just like dads- and you insist on using his gel! Your daddy is your biggest hero and one of your “best buddies” and I couldn't be happier!
You love to make baby sis laugh and giggle! and you my little buddy, are pretty dang funny!! (who would've thought that a 2 year old could be so quick witted!)

You are such a little sweetheart and are happy 90% of the time. You are always so aware of your baby sis and check on her constantly! I love that the two of you have the most perfect bond! You have a tender little heart and it breaks right in two if you get embarrassed- it is the sweetest saddest thing and I love you for it! Dad and I think that you are a bit shy... kinda... you take a little while to warm up to people but once that minute passes (or hour) you are best buddies! You are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Your cheesy little smiles when I say "don't smile" kill me every time!!  Cheese ball!! You love hanging out with “MAMA!!” every Monday and love her more than words can describe! You truly are a grandma’s boy! You also love hanging out with Nat every week while mommy and daddy go to work! You hated when we use to leave but now you happily tell us to “get money for Disneyland” and send us off to work without any fuss! I cant wait to take you to Disneyland! You LOVE monsters inc, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Planes, Cars, and Dinosaur train! You cant wait to meet “MICK MOUSE!” & “DONALDD DUCKK” and even “BUGS BUNNY” since obviously everyone lives at Disneyland! Hahaha You are so much fun little buddy and I love that you are still a mommies boy when you want to be! I love that you still need snuggles and I love that you still give kisses and hugs 24-7! I wish you could stay my little sidekick and little buddy forever but I know you will continue to grow into an amazing little boy and even one day an amazing man, just like your daddy- BUT for now, you are all mine! You are my precious little angel! And I love you forever and always!!
Thanks for being my “Bestest Buddy!” I love you!

Xoxo, Mommy

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