Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sailor Mae~ 6 month update

You my little angel are our everything, you are our little princess! These past 6 months have flown by and you have already grown so much! SOOOO , I have this to say to you……..


You are absolutely perfect in every way and loved more than you will ever know!
In this past 6 months you have learned how to do so many things and everyday are trying new things to try and keep up with your big brother- whom you love unconditionally! Your relationship with him is my favorite thing to watch! You LOVE to tease him! (Who knew?!?!) You smile and laugh when he talks to you and squeal constantly in excitement while you play with him!
You like to wait until Keller has everything set up and then you POUNCE!! You love playing... and destroying all of his toys... luckily you are pretty cute and fun to play with annnnd... luckily your big brother is pretty dang awesome and lets you get away with it! 

OHH and did I mention, you can crawl now!!! Yup! You officially started crawling on January 2nd! We were all talking around the Christmas tree snacking on cinnamon rolls and I set my plate down… you saw that as a challenge and that was that! You haven’t stopped crawling since! You are defiantly a little go getter and now that you are more mobile, you love to tease your big brother even more! You follow him around chewing on all his toys and puzzles! It is a good thing you are so darn cute and he loves you so much because it drives him nuts when his toys are all wet! Haaha But it doesn’t stop him from sharing with you- you sure are one loved little baby girl!

Since Thanksgiving I have been back to work Full time working 4 days a week, and you, always being a mommies girl, have become quite attached even more so than before when I am home! It makes my day seeing those chubby cheeks smiling at me first thing in the morning and even though you don’t like me to sleep through the night because you would much rather snuggle, I still love you more than anything!

Oh Sailor girl you are my little angel! 
You love to play peek a boo, You love to eat… All. The. Time. You love your big brother and have to see him at all times! You are a mommy’s girl- and I will take it while I can! You are the snuggliest little baby there ever was… and you love to pull my hair! You love to squeal and sqwak, and love making bubbles and sounds with your little mouth! You love teasing your daddy and playing hard to get when he tries to steal a kiss! You think it is hilarious to tease him all day every day. You still roll around like a little Tasmanian devil and eat 24 -7… which in turns means you still spit up all the time too… we are working on that! 
You little miss Sailor, are such a happy little baby and a total joy to have in our home! You and your brother bring the perfect spirit into our house and I know that your daddy and I are the luckiest parents around! We love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for being our little princess!

XOXO, mommy

Sometimes I just I don't know what to think.. sassy/ sweet.... you sure love to use that little finger! 

Hanging out with grandpa and little Jerris!! 

If your brother can do it then you think you can to... that includes eating! You LOVE to eat all the time! And it is just about the cutest messiest occurrence of our day! (This is your first time at Olive Garden sitting in a restaurant highchair... you were pretty dang proud of yourself!)

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